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What Is Arizona’s Statute of Limitations for Personal Injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2020 | Personal Injury

A statute of limitations is effectively a timeframe by which a lawsuit must be filed.

In Arizona, car accidents, slip and falls, and other negligence matters are typically governed by a two-year statute of limitations.

The clock starts ticking the day the accident occurs but there are certain instances where an at-fault or negligent party is not immediately known. This may result in a delay in the statute starting to run, but in general, waiting to file a lawsuit until you approach the two-year anniversary of an accident is a dangerous proposition.

Special Circumstances for Arizona’s Statute of Limitations:

In certain situations, namely claims against governmental agencies (i.e. you are rear-ended by a city vehicle), you only have 6 months to provide specific information to the governmental agency involved or you risk losing the right to pursue a claim.

No matter the merits of a car accident, slip and fall or similar personal injury claim, failure to timely file suit is problematic to your case.

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