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The top 5 things to do after a car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Car Accidents

After you get into a car crash, there may be 100 different things running through your mind all at once. You need medical care, you want to make sure the other person is held accountable and you’re worried about getting statements from others. You’re concerned about passengers and people involved in the crash, and everything may seem like a blur.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to know the steps to take after a crash, so you remember them in your time of need. Here are five steps that you should follow as soon as possible.

  1. Call 911 or the police to report the crash

The first thing to do is to call the police or 911 to report the crash, depending on how serious it is. If there are any injuries at all, err on the side of caution and call 911 to have an ambulance sent to the scene.

  1. Get medical care

The next step is to seek out medical care. Your health comes first, so before anything else, make sure that you have the right medical care for yourself any anyone else who was injured.

  1. Document what you remember

If you can document the scene with your phone with photos or videos, then that is a good way to keep track of what the scene looked like. As soon as possible, write down everything you remember, so you can give that information to your attorney.

  1. Get contact information from the other driver and witnesses

It is helpful to obtain the other driver’s information as well as contact information for witnesses if you have the opportunity to do so. If you’re too badly injured, your attorney may be able to source this information from the authorities or other sources.

  1. Get a copy of the crash report

Finally, get a copy of the crash report. You will want to review it to make sure it reflects what you believe happened.

These five steps are an important part of building your case. Your attorney will give you more guidance once you begin working together.