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Can people resolve car crash issues without involving the state?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2023 | Car Accidents

Crashes are part of daily life in Arizona, even if they only ever affect a minority of people each year. The vast majority of people consistently reach their destination while driving without any noteworthy incidents. Some people go their entire lives without ever experiencing a crash, but millions of few drivers play a role in at least one collision at some point in their lives.

Someone who isn’t to blame for a crash in Arizona usually has the option of filing an insurance claim or possibly even initiating a personal injury lawsuit against a driver who caused them harm. Is it ever advisable for someone seeking accountability from another motorist to agree to settle the matter without involving the state?

Private solutions preclude public support

After a crash, the person at fault for the wreck might quickly offer to pay for the medical treatment or vehicle repairs of the other party involved. They may claim they don’t have time to wait to report the matter to the police or may use their profession, which may involve a commercial driver’s license, as a reason why they fear making an accident report.

Even those injured in the car crash may want to minimize the negative impact on the other party involved. Settling the matter privately may seem like an ideal solution. However, it is a mistake for two major reasons. The first is that Arizona legally requires that people report a crash when there is property damage or injuries that result. The second concern is that the driver promising to pay to fix someone’s vehicle or cover their medical costs may have no intention of following through on those commitments.

Without a police report and proof that someone has complied with Arizona state statutes, they will be at a disadvantage if they try to take action in the civil courts. Even when someone else who caused the crash is desperate to avoid a police report, following appropriate procedures will be important for those who require compensation because of a crash. Avoiding common mistakes, like failing to report a wreck, may help people mitigate the losses generated by a recent collision.