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What if a distracted driver causes an Arizona crash?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2024 | Car Accidents

Distraction is an increasingly common reason for Arizona collisions. Drivers may have a hard time disconnecting from their mobile phones and could cause a crash when they read an email or respond to a text message. Although many people understand how dangerous distracted driving is, quite a few motorists think that they have a secret trick that can help them avoid causing a crash or getting a ticket. Contrary to what people often assume, popular workarounds for distracted driving don’t necessarily eliminate collision risk.

Distracted drivers often fail to react to changing traffic conditions quickly and can cause crashes, like rear-end collisions. Those recently involved in a wreck may believe that the other driver caused it due to distraction. What happens after a collision caused by distraction at the wheel?

Victims need to prove fault

Drivers are often reticent to take personal responsibility for their mistakes. They may lie about what happened immediately before a collision. Other people who encounter them in traffic may need to prove that they drove while distracted and caused a wreck. Traffic camera footage can sometimes help prove that a motorist had their phone in their hands. Other times, either the police or a personal injury attorney may need to obtain mobile phone records to prove that someone received a text or transmitted data right before a crash occurred.

The distracted driver may be liable

Technically, driving while distracted is a violation of Arizona traffic statutes. Those who can prove that someone texted while driving can potentially hold that motorist accountable for any crash that occurs. If police officers affirm allegations of distraction while driving or there is enough evidence to prove distracted driving in civil court, the person affected by the distracted driving crash could request compensation via an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. Even if an officer did not issue a citation after the crash, research into the situation could generate enough evidence to file a personal injury lawsuit in Arizona civil court.

Those who follow traffic laws should not have to shoulder expenses inspired by those who break the law. Understanding what steps to take after a distracted driving crash can help people hold the right party accountable for a wreck.